What is the Choice Foundation

What is the Choice Foundation
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The Choice Foundation is a Switzerland-based technology group researching and developing the technology to empower users to make their online own user-data access choices.

The aim is to build the open-source technology that provides data sovereignty in combination with digital identity. Internet services will access the secure and trusted technology to collect and distribute user data in a public blockchain, with the ultimate goal to build a viable alternative to privately-owned services – that is commercially viable in the context of data sovereignty that puts user in control and provide complete ownership.

The technology presents a business-focused and realistic alternative system to a privately-owned model that limits user choices with complexity and opacity. It also empowers brands and organizations with access to aggregate user data in order to target cohorts in a commercial context with expanded efficiency and reliability, while lowering the overall costs associated with marketing campaigns based on user data.

The current scenario

Internet users have been using a multitude of services that require user identification with a private entity and an even larger number of services able to collect behavioral information and preferences without explicit user identification.

Private companies have been developing technologies able to collect user information and – while not explicitly exposing personal information to clients of such technologies – have been able to infer users' personalities and attach them to real users identification.

Despite the recent past attempts to keep the users informed of their privileged access to user data (GDPR), the multitude of players in the industry, the complexity and the opaque process that currently permits users to manage their associated information has fallen short of the promise to protect and guarantee online user rights and curb online algorithm discrimination.

Moving forward and get involved

The founding collective aims at researching the current legislation framework and produce a manifesto that includes the detailed technology and economic model. We are currently accepting submissions and collaboration requests in the legal, distributed technology, encryption and economic spaces. Once the founding collective will have finalized the manifesto and approved the list of initial foundation members, the foundation will be funded and will begin the research and development work.

We welcome contributions and submissions as well as questions and ideas in general. Our About Us page contains the information to reach out to us and get to know about the organization.

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