About Us

The Choice Foundation is a no-profit organization based in Switzerland with the unique scope of building the technology to empower users and organizations to collect, view, use and set access to user data pertaining the use of online services including web sites and online applications.

We are currently recruiting members worldwide in the technology, encryption, academic research, legal, distributed technology spaces in order to incorporate a No-profit organization based in Zug (Switzerland).

The founding members are setting out the scope and the technology framework to validate the global vision and begin the work on the technology.

Everyone is welcome to contribute and reach out to us to submit ideas, proposals, get involved and ask questions. We can be contacted using our encrypted email address choicefoundation (at) protonmail.com and we encourage everyone to consider their privacy options by looking at private email services such as ProtonMail.

The current project coordinator is Reach Out Labs GmbH. The no-profit foundation Choice Foundation will be owned by individual project contributors